Play Pound Profit is a mobile app for skilled arcade game players to win an exciting amount of money. This App allows users to earn profit through their game-playing skills. Users choose one the of arcade games of their own choice and compete with other skilled players. The player with the highest score gets the reward of exciting prize money.


Project Description

The app includes entertaining games like Snake, 3D car racing, Hangman, Pacman, and Pinball. Each game has a prize pool which grows in size as each user plays, once the prize pool reaches its limit, the player with the highest score becomes the winner and receives the winning prize Users can view the top 10 winners for each game and can also view their scoreboard. Users have a choice to redeem their winning prize as digital currency or real money.

1. Home screen

Stories uploaded by user and his friends

Categorized list of movies and TV show

Navigation bar

2. Screenplay categories

List of categories to choose from

Selecting a category redirects us to the list of screenplays in that category

3. Watch-lists

Users can create their personal collection of movies and TV shows

Can view public and friends watch-list

4. Chats

Individual and group chats with friends

Search for friends or chats

View list of friends


1. Home Screen

Users can view games on their home screen and can play them in free or paid-mode

2. Recent Winners

The winner gets announced each time a prize pool for each game reaches its limit. Users can view the recent 10 winners up till now in each game along with their Name, Image, high scores, and date of winning

3. My Leaderboard

Users can view their scores on the My Leaderboard screen for each game they played

4. Current Game Leaderboard

Every game has a Current Leaderboard screen in which users can keep an eye on the scores of currently active players and set the target for themselves

5. My Profile

Users can view their profiles and can redeem the prize as real money or digital currency if they have won any game.

Duration: 3 Months

Tech Stack


React Native




PHP Laravel



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