Nileur is a music platform that provides users with an immersive music experience by integrating video, lyrics, and individual audio files for each song. Users of our mobile application can browse a wide selection of music, see music videos, and sing along to the lyrics by using the program. They can also download individual songs to their phone’s default music player.

Project Description

It has a flexible subscription strategy that includes free trial access for an hour followed by monthly memberships. Promo code holders can take advantage of cheap one-month subscriptions, easily maintained through the admin panel. To increase user involvement, administrators can add songs, curate material, and occasionally run promotions.

1. Home screen

Stories uploaded by user and his friends

Categorized list of movies and TV show

Navigation bar

2. Screenplay categories

List of categories to choose from

Selecting a category redirects us to the list of screenplays in that category

3. Watch-lists

Users can create their personal collection of movies and TV shows

Can view public and friends watch-list

4. Chats

Individual and group chats with friends

Search for friends or chats

View list of friends


1. Nileur Homepage

  • • Browse playlists, add favorites and listen to any music you want!

2.User Subscription Screen

  • • To get the unlimited access on the platform, a subscription model is used where the user can also apply promo code to get discounts on their package!

3.Music Player Screen

  • •Add music as your favorite for you to listen later whenever you like, download the music you’re listening to in your local music gallery, share it among your friends and much more!

4.Profile Screen

  • •Check out how Nileur came to be, edit your profile settings such as your username, change your password and much more!

Duration: 5 Months

Tech Stack


React Js







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