Active Ozone

This application facilitates the production cleaning industry with the automation cleaning instruction cards. This application is available in 8 different languages. Users can select the language they wish to and create a Production instruction cleaning card, customize it according to their needs and get the Instruction cleaning card.

Project Description

It’s an application that automates the process of creating Cleaning Instruction Cards for the Production Cleaning Industry. This application is available in 8 different languages. Users can select the language in which they wish to and create a Production Instruction Cleaning Card. They can also customize it according to their requirements and get the Instruction Cleaning Card. It provides the users an easy-to-use interface where they can download multiple Instruction Cards by paying within the app. Some of the key screens of Active Ozone app are shown below:

1. Home screen

Stories uploaded by user and his friends

Categorized list of movies and TV show

Navigation bar

2. Screenplay categories

List of categories to choose from

Selecting a category redirects us to the list of screenplays in that category

3. Watch-lists

Users can create their personal collection of movies and TV shows

Can view public and friends watch-list

4. Chats

Individual and group chats with friends

Search for friends or chats

View list of friends


1. Home Screen

  • List of Cleaning Instruction Card.
  • A Sample PDF document available for the user.

2. Monthly Subscription

  • User views their current subscription plan
  • User can change their subscription plan

3. Create an Instruction Cleaning Card

  • User enters the name and selects a language for the instruction card.

4. Complete all Steps

  • User completes all the steps one-by-one

5. View Cleaning Instruction Card

  • Users will be able to save the cleaning instruction card.

6. Share Cleaning Instruction Card

  • After saving the cleaning instruction card, user will be able to download or share the cleaning instruction card

7. Retrieve the Cleaning Instruction Card

  • User can retrieve their previously created cleaning instruction card

8. Contact Admin

  • User can click over this tab to send their queries to the admin

Duration: 6 Months

Tech Stack


React Native




React Js



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